Machine Features

Witness great suction power paired with whisper-quiet operations

Discover precision in motion with our robotic vacuuming service!

Long endurance; large area coverage

Operation Procedure

One-time Setup:

  1. We create a map your facility for our robot.
  2. The robot creates a path plan for vacuuming.
  3. We verify the quality of the robot's map and planned vacuuming path.

Daily Operations:

  1. Unplug the robot's charger.
  2. Drive the robot to the starting position.
  3. Select a cleaning routine and press the play button.
  4. Stow away and charge the robot.
  5. Empty the bin as necessary.

Our operation procedure is a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency in janitorial services. With minimal interaction required, our Robot-As-A-Service offers a hassle-free solution to maintaining immaculate premises.