Commercial Autonomous Vacuum System

The Only Designed, Built, and Maintained Robotic Solution
100% Made in the USA

* Cost savings will depend on the current salary of staff and number of robots purchased

How an Autonomous Vacuum System Works

Based on Self Driving Technology

  • 3D camera and laser scanner for the robot to learn the environment and detect and avoid humans in real time
  • AI-based optimal complete coverage algorithm for the robot to clean every square foot of your facility
  • Clean and efficient execution of the cleaning routine

Industry-leading Commercial Vacuum System

  • Effective vacuuming system to remove dirt, dust, debris, and dander
  • 7+ hours of continuous vacuuming
  • Sound muffler for a quieter operation

Easy to Use User Interface

  • Operates like a music player: start, pause and stop a cleaning routine at any time anywhere
  • Operator can take over the control of the robot at any moment
  • Intuitive visualization to monitor the robot status and progress at any time anywhere

Post Clean Report Generation

  • Review performance and coverage of autonomous vacuum routine of every deployment

What Does Our Service Entail?

  • Full service guarantee

  • We build, install and deploy the robot

  • We maintain the software maps and cleaning routine per customer instructions

  • We upgrade and service all hardware components for the lifetime of engagement

  • Built to order