Features of the Robot

Autonomously navigates and keeps track of floor coverage

Avoids colliding with furniture, humans, and other obstacles while vacuuming

Sweeps in a wide amount of dust and particles into its vacuum

How do you benefit?


Eliminates unexpected absentees, injury and cleans up to 10,000 sq ft/hr- that’s the equivalent of 4 janitors!.


Covers 100% of the space including hard to reach corners and edges.


Operates continuously for 6-8 hours with little to no human intervention.


Advanced object collision detection capabilities preventing contact with objects or humans.


Supplements janitorial staff leaving them free to focus on other tasks.


Designed by scholarly inventors, this product contains an internal AI component that delivers convenience and productivity.


Our simple user interface allows anyone to safely use, set up and supervise our robots.

Why Autonomous Vacuuming?

  • A clean, vacuumed space greatly benefits everyone as it leads better indoor air quality, decreases absenteeism, and even increases test scores in students at schools.
  • Yet, to keep a space clean, it must constantly be vacuumed and cleaned but constantly vacuuming a space manually is an immensely time-consuming and costly task.
  • Here at Friendly Robots Company, we believe in fundamentally changing how we clean. We aim to provide everyone access to the benefits of cleanliness comfortably and inexpensively.
  • Our vacuums are the perfect solution to keeping a space clean and answers the age-old human question: How can we improve this task so that it can be done even more efficiently and effortlessly?
  • Our autonomous vacuums can, without effort, consistently vacuum an area in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your space is cleaned thoroughly every single time at a fraction of the cost.
  • With a dedicated team that believes in what we’re trying to achieve, we are aiming to build a cleaner world with cleaner spaces.

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